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We produce
FREEZE DRY fruits, vegetables, sweets, & healthy snacks

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Natural fruit makes you feel better

FREEZE DRY Bulk productions

Premium products with the best ingredients.

We source only the highest quality fruits & vegetables. We design healthy snacks, fruits, and veggie mixtures to produce the best flavors for your clients

Our freeze-drying process delivers the best flavor, texture, and nutritional value compared to other dehydration methods.

Also, we can process avocado, guacamole, sweets, cheesecakes, skittles, chocolates, ice creams & more

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FREEZE DRY Retail productions

With premium fruits, we have developed some products. Freeze dry fruits, tasty and ready to be sold directly in the retail industry. 


The standard flavors come in two different sizes:

                FAMILY  & INDIVIDUAL 

Apple - Peeled and Diced

Blueberry - Whole

Banana - Coins

Raspberry - Crumble

Berries Mix - Mix Cut


If you need a different flavor in retail presentation, we can help you.

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FREEZE DRY Private Label

Does your brand need freeze-dry products? We can process them and package them under your brand. 


We can pack in any size and different materials, pouches, glass, and cartons. 

We can customize the flavors and the formulas.

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FOOD SAFETY  and Compliance

Freeze-Dry Foods is regulated and complies with all requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Canadian Food Inspection Service (CFIA), and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We operate under HACCP accreditation systems. We have cGMP registered with FDA.

Servicios de limpieza
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SUPPLY chain

Our products meet the highest standards, and most of the time, we work directly with farms, and small crop owners, to ensure the best quality. Our location, Queretaro in Central Mexico, allows us to locate a wide range of raw materials, lots of different tropical fruits, vegetables, and berries with high quality; it also allows us to ensure cost-efficient products.

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Freeze Dry Partner

Savvy Foods look forward to using innovative technology; we have many years of experience in meeting your very high requirements precisely and quickly. 

With logistic partners and our hassle-free process, you can customize the way you want your product. We would love to get involved no matter what you have in mind with fruits and vegetables.

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